Pictorial Genealogy - F.A.Q.

Where do I start?

Collect your family data and photos.  Basic information to collect is: names, birth dates & places, marriage dates & places, death dates and places, and any other pertinent data.

What next?

Decide what chart format you and your family would like.  Our 'genies' can personalize any chart you desire.

What happens?

Our 'genies' take your family photos and information and design the chart you envision.  We scan your photographs, arrange them into a chart along with your family genealogy, and create a Pictorial Genealogy for you.

We provide you with a draft layout for your approval and professionally print the final chart.

What is the end result?

A beautiful family genealogy chart printed on acid free paper with archival inks.  You can get several prints made to give as gifts.

Do you do research?

Yes, we do research.  However, this is a separate service.  Please see our research page here for further information.

How much does it cost?

Each chart is different, but see our pricing page here for details.

Do you take credit cards?

Our preferred method of payment is through Pay Pal that accepts most of the common credit cards.

How will I be billed?

You will receive an invoice via e-mal that will link you to the Pay Pal website for processing.

Who are you?

We are two avid genealogist who wanted a way to display the fruits of our research.  After several of our friends and family wanted Pictorial Genealogies made up for their families, we decided to offer our services to the public.

 Proprietor Jack Ricketts in the Pictorial Genealogy booth at the Manhattan Beach Craft Fair.

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